Allamanda cathartica
Brazilian Red Wine :06661
Container Size: 3 gal

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Added Monday 17 August, 2015.


An evergreen vine or large trailing shrub covered with vivid flowers in the warm months. Unique,Red Wine colored, trumpet shaped flowers explode into bloom covering the plant in vibrant color. Beautiful trellised in containers or use as fence covering. More mature plants can be self supporting shrubs.

Plant Care:

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade 
Water:No Irrigation once established 
Fertilizer:Bloom Booster 
Pests:no major pest problems 
Trim/Prune:Hand prune as needed 
Flower Color:Red 
Flower Period:Continuous 
Growth Zone:10-11 
Salt Tolerance:Low 
Drought Tolerance:Medium 
Landscape Usage:Screen - Mixed Screen 
Growth Height:7 - 8 ft. 
Growth Habit:Climbing 

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