Aristolochia leuconeura
Pipe Vine Flower : 034563
Container Size: 45 gal

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Added Saturday 08 September, 2012.


Aristolochia leuconeura;This species is native to humid forested areas in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and Peru. Vines of this particular species (as well as most Aristolochia species native to the U.S.) are a host for pipevine swallowtail butterfly larvae. Pipevine swallowtails lay their eggs on the foliage of this vine, the eggs hatch, and the tiny larvae crawl around the plants, voraciously eating the leaves as they gain size. Small pipe-shaped red flowers bloom singly from the leaf axils in the lower part of the old stems in June-July.

Plant Care:

Light: Partial Sun to Shade 
Water:Moderate Irrigation 
Fertilizer:Standard (ex. 14-12-14) 
Trim/Prune:Hand prune as needed 
Flower Color:Red 
Flower Period:Sporadically Throughout Year 
Growth Zone:10-11 
Salt Tolerance:Low 
Drought Tolerance:Low 
Landscape Usage:Landscape Accent 
Growth Height:10 - 15 ft. 
Growth Habit:Climbing 

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