Hibiscus rosa sinensis Stnd.
Chinese Hibiscus :
Container Size: 15 gal

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Added Monday 01 January, 2001.


Native to East Asia, Chinese Hibiscus is a favorite, colorful, ornamental plant grown throughout the tropics and subtropics. Bold, glossy dark green leaves are ornamented with showy, vibrantly colored flowers produced throughout the year. A miriad of cultivars are available with single or double flowers in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, peach, or orange, or combinations of these. An asset to any tropical paradise. Refreshment pruning will be necessary to maintain tree form. Do not allow to dry out - will cause leaf yellowing and leaf drop. Attracts butterflies.

Plant Care:

Light: Full Sun 
Water:Moderate Irrigation 
Fertilizer:Bloom Booster 
Pests:aphids, whitefly 
Trim/Prune:Hand prune as needed 
Flower Color: 
Flower Period: 
Growth Zone: 
Salt Tolerance:Medium 
Drought Tolerance:Low 
Landscape Usage:Container Plant 
Growth Height: 
Growth Habit: 

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