Alcanterea imperialis rubra
Imperial Bromeliad : 20163
Container Size: 3 gal

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Added Tuesday 30 November, 1999.


The genus Alcantarea, with approximately 20 species is an offshoot of the much larger genus Vriesea.Alcantarea imperialis is the most regal and is considered the signature species of this genus. It is one of the giants of the bromeliad family. This Bromeliad grows to a span of more than 1.5 metres, although it can take up to ten years to get to this size. The thick flower spike reaches up to 3.5 metres in height, producing hundreds of slightly fragrant creamy white flowers. The green, slightly ribbed leaves are quite leathery and tough with a distinctive waxy bloom over the surface, giving a bluish colouration from a distance.

Plant Care:

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade 
Water:Light Irrigation 
Trim/Prune:Hand prune as needed 
Flower Color:Near White 
Flower Period:Sporadically Throughout Year 
Growth Zone:10-11 
Salt Tolerance:Low 
Drought Tolerance:Low 
Landscape Usage:Focal Specimen 
Growth Height:1 - 2 ft. 
Growth Habit:Vase Shaped Rosette 

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