Carex phyllocephala 'Sparkler'
Sparkler Sedge : 034018
Container Size: 3 gal

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Added Tuesday 30 November, 1999.


This gorgeous, upright, evergreen sedge resembles a grove of miniature variegated palm trees with whorls of dramatic white-and-green striped foliage atop each of the 12-15" tall stems. This is a real eye-catcher! Plant in partial sun to fairy deep shade, will tolerate full sun if given ample water but may burn on hot days. Irrigate regularly for plants to look best although it will tolerate dry shade as well. Very useful in the garden to lighten up a dark spot or as a container plant.

Plant Care:

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade 
Water:Moderate Irrigation 
Fertilizer:Standard (ex. 14-12-14) 
Trim/Prune:Hand prune as needed 
Flower Color:Near White 
Flower Period:Spring-Summer 
Growth Zone:
Salt Tolerance:Low 
Drought Tolerance:Low 
Landscape Usage:Landscape Accent 
Growth Height:1 - 2 ft. 
Growth Habit:Clumping 

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